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I have had an interest in health and wellness since an early age.

I always felt the call to help and heal others, to assist them in feeling better or being happier.

My father's work brought lot of traveling in my life and lived in several countries, where I was exposed to other cultures and approaches to life and health.

Originally from Italy, I have lived many years in South America. I came to the USA in 1996.

These life experiences have given me the ability to be open and flexible, to understand how there are many ways to interpret life and how our culture and belief system affect us and makes who we are, most important how we are truly very adaptable beings, with the ability to learn, overcome and survive pretty much anything.

The path that lead me to massage therapy took many turns .

I started as a fashion designer in the late 80's , became a language teacher in the 90's and then a social services counselor in Boston ...this was the occupation that lead me to appreciate and witness the benefits of massage therapy.

I worked in a program for women with dual diagnosis (substance abuse/mental health) which allowed me to observe how massage would do faster what talk therapy would take hours to achieve: after a massage their whole attitude and affect had changed for the better: they were calmer, grounded and serene.

This experience in particular was what made me decide to become a massage therapist and a Reiki practitioner and to deepen my knowledge of alternative medicine and therapies.

I went to school in Bridgton, ME in 2006, at the NH Institute for Therapeutic Arts and it was the best decision I ever made.I have been practicing massage full time since then, with great joy and satisfaction.

I take great care in providing focused service, in building a good one on one relationship with my massage is like another, as no individual is like another.

Health and wellness are a mix of many different factors, and my approach to massage is holistic in nature.

I cannot imagine doing anything else, I feel very blessed to do work that improves and supports others.


A Touch Of Balance Massage

Mount Washington Valley

2473 White Mountain Highway

North Conway, NH 03860



non transferable with other services and non refundable

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