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Welcome to a Touch of

Balance Massage...


Tuesdays through Saturdays

Clients that have not been vaccinated are required to wear a mask during treatment.

I  am a fully vaccinated practitioner,and I also will be wearing a mask at all times during sessions, as a safety procedure.

                      Therapeutic massage, Spa services and energy work

                Please be aware that I do not offer group or couple's massage.

                                  I only offer individual treatments.

You can purchase any of my treatments here online, if you wish,click on this link :

Therapeutic massage, Spa services and energy work

"I look forward to seeing Elena for a fabulous massage whenever possible. She is not only a very talented massage therapist but such a positive spirit to be surrounded by. The atmosphere at Be Well Studios is so soothing. Such a lovely experience each and every time I go."

Laura Ducott, MA

My Philosophy is that not two massages are alike, as not two individuals are alike.

Treatments are personalized to provide you with maximum relaxation and wellness.

A deep state of relaxation is a powerful tool to promote healing and rejuvenate our system,starting from the tiniest cell, as only when relaxed the body is able to repair itself efficiently.

Several, very effective, massage and healing techniques can be integrated during each session.Even one visit can translate into better sleep, improved mood and an enhanced feeling of well being.

I offer Therapeutic Massage Treatments, Spa Treatments and Energy work: please look at the Menu of Services for the complete information and make sure your check the Special Packages section.

"I was lucky enough about four years ago to meet Elena. I went to my first appointment looking for a relaxing massage, to ease my tight muscles. By the end of my hour massage and about an hour after of talking I realized Elena was more then just a fantastic massage therapist, She is a woman who has a very special heart, she is genuine and extremely compassionate. Over the years Elena not only continues to give amazing and relaxing massages but she always is providing an environment that is inviting, warm, and extremely comfortable."

Kristine Peterson, NH

"I can't thank you enough Elena for that amazing massage. From the Hot stones, oils, natural scrubs, all the way to the rose infused tea at the end, I felt so pampered. My body feels amazing, my skin is glowing and my heart is filled with your warm, loving energy. xoxo til next month."

Lisa Surette, NH

Make the time to let your body and mind feel refreshed and balanced again....take the step toward better health today.....


                                    non transferable with other services and non refundable


Mount Washington Valley

2473 White Mountain Highway

North Conway, NH 03860


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