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A Touch Of Balance Massage - Located at Pleasant Image Salon

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 Meditation is being used and practiced by many.
Athletes, performers, business people, anyone that is seeking to feel calmer and more focused has found that the practice of meditative relaxation has assisted them in making better choices in the moment, has reducing stress,inner struggling and responses that are reactive.

Meditation helps us stay centered and relaxed, think with more clarity but brings us also great health benefits. It has been used successfully in treating and preventing high blood pressure, hearth disease, migraine headaches, autoimmune diseases and it has proven itself helpful to alleviate obsessive thinking, depression, anxiety and hostility.

Please, take a few minutes for yourself and enjoy this guided meditation/relaxation.

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Waterfall Relaxation
Simple, easy and peaceful guided relaxation experience with a nice small waterfall.

Some helpful sites :

And if you would rather relax at the sound of only music and ocean waves ,click here:

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The Best Relaxing Sounds Ever vol1 - The Ocean
The Best Relaxing Sounds Ever volume 1 - The Ocean more relaxing music find on http://www.youtube.com/JaCzyliKto


                A Touch Of Balance Massage

                    Located at Be Well Studios
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